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Xiuquan Wang
Welcome to Calculus I (MAT221)
This course is titled Calculus I
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Dr. Xiuquan Wang, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  1. Calculus I (MAT221) Syllabus
  2. Click here for an Excellent Resource for terms and definitions Algebra through Calculus

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What can be entered as an answer to a WeBWorK problem?

  • Answers to WeBWorK problems may be numerical, strings (e.g. letters), and mathematical functions.

  • For most problems when entering numerical answers, the user can (if he or she wishes) enter elementary expressions such as 2^3 instead of 8, (2+tan(3))*(4-sin(5))^6-7/8 instead of 27620.3413, etc. For a complete list see Mathematical Functions and Symbols.

  • For a student guide to WeBWorK see Student Guide.

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